Standard Vehicle Repair Loan


Program Summary

  • Loans up to $10,000 per vehicle
  • 29.95% per annum interest rate
  • Vehicles up to 12 years old
  • No credit check, no income verification
  • Additional restrictions may apply, see faqs for details

Some Frequently Asked Questions

For more information and additional faqs please click here

Q. What is the maximum loan amount I can borrow for Auto Repair Loan?
A. The minimum loan available is $500 and a maximum of $10,000

Q. Is the loan open? Can it be paid off at any time?
A. This loan is fully open so you can pay it off without any penalty. If you ever want to pay off the balance, just let us know and we can withdraw the balance of the loan electronically from your bank account. By paying a loan off early, you can save a significant amount of interest.

Q. What information is needed to get an Auto Repair Loan?
A. In order to be approved, we will need to know some details regarding the vehicle being repaired including: the year, make, model, and mileage. In addition to this, questions regarding the vehicle’s history and usage may be asked. No personal information of any kind needs to be provided in order to recieve an approval. If the loan is accepted, the customer will need to provide a photo of their Drivers License, Vehicle Ownerhsip, Vehicle Insurance, and a copy of a Void Cheque. All of these pictures can be uploaded securly directly on our site.

Q. How is the money paid out to the vendor / mechanic facility?
A. Once a loan is successfully processed, Go To Loans will send an electronic payment on the same day directly into the Vendor’s bank account which was provided during the registration process. Depending on who you bank with, it will take 1 to 5 business days for the funds to appear in the account.

Q. How long will the loan approval process take?
A. The loan approval process is quick and simple through our online Vehicle Evaluation. The loan approval is instant and once the consumer accepts the terms, the loan will usually be processed before the car is ready to be picked up.

Q. Do you check credit or need proof of income?
A. No! these loans do not require a credit check or any type of income confirmation.

Q. What information do I need to provide to have the loan funded?
A. To have your Repair Loan funded, you will be asked to upload a photo of your drivers license, your automobile insurance policy, your vehicle ownership and a copy of a void cheque. If you are using your mobile phone, you can take a photo and upload these items directly through our website.

Q. Where can I get my car repaired?
A, You will need to have your vehicle repaired at any Go To Loans authorized service center. If you are currently at a GTL repair facility, you’ll be linked to the center as you register. If you’re at home, you can choose an authorized service center closest to you from our list, as you create your customer profile after verifying your email.

Q. What are the rates and fees of a repair loan?
A. All loans include a lien search fee, a lien registration and a processing fees. The total fees will vary from $98.06 to $159.08 and is dependant on the term of the loan. The loans are then calculated at an annual interest rate of 29.95%

Q. Can I use a repair loan to buy parts?
A. A repair loan requires the installation of all parts to be conducted at the repair center in order to qualify – a loan cannot be provided for parts only.

For more information and additional faqs please click here

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